Disability Awareness

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What is awareness raising and sensitisation?

Awareness raising = become aware, gain knowledge, know of.

Sensitisation = gain insight/understanding, have direct contact (why, background, beyond the obvious disability).

“Knowledge does not lead to change, understanding does.”
Dr Oz.

Awareness raising activities include:

  • Public talks
  • Media campaigns
  • Targeted campaigns, eg. Nappy Run
  • Creating and facilitating local disability networks, eg. SDN

Sensitisation activities include:

  • Sensitisation workshops
  • Targeted campaigns, eg. Wheelchair Wednesday

“Disability is a lot about attitude. You can’t control what happens to you but you can control how you react to it. In my mind I am not disabled…

I am not disabled at home. I can do anything at home. Only when I get out into society do I become disabled by attitudes and architectural barriers…it all comes down to educating people so that these barriers are not created in the first place.”

Vic MicKinney

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